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Rattle that keyboard a bit and say hi, introduce yourself or tell us why you're here. For new members this is your first port of call
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Mister RASorHarass
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A good day to all, I hope this find you well.
This is to be the first port of call, so here is where I start.

I suppose I ought to get this one out of the way straight away - I'm American but don't hold that against me. I have a Son living in the UK so I hope that gains me a few brownie points. ;) I tend to use slang often, most times without even thinking twice about it, so if I write something that ya don't quite snatch, hit me up and I'll skuul ya, homie - - -ummm, If you don't understand something I say, just ask and I will do a better job explaining myself.
I have something of a odd sense of humor, so I guess I will say it this way. It is almost never my intention to offend, though sometimes a person's perception is quite different than my true intent. I am good a a whole host of things, but I fail miserably at others. Humor is one of those failures. Another is knowing just exactly when to leave a sleeping dog lay. In true American Style, when I have the urge to say something, well, I most often times do so.
To mitigate, I make every effort to stick strictly to truth as it is, as opposed to how I wish it would be. That means facing and accepting hard truths, ones I may well not even agree with personally, morally. As folks get to know me, what I mean there will be more self evident. I kinda look forward to someone in the future pointing back to this right here and saying....yeah, he was telling the truth there.

Anyways, Another thing about me, whether it be seen as good or bad (or indifferent) is that I like to write, and talk, in order to explain myself fully. I do not much like it when my words are twisted up, posed to mean something other than what I intend, so I try to head it off at the pass prior. I don't like to argue, I don't play flame war and I don't like to waste my time or the time of others. In a nutshell, I understand that others will choose differently than me, and that is ok, I just hold the line that things are always a two way street on that note. A person I considered to be a friend once said ' It is a badge of honor to despised by the despicable. That is pretty much how I view things. Liars and thieves can hit the road jack, cuz I ain't got no time fer dat. I have no use for either. I will not push someone maliciously but I will push back when someone does so to me and mine.

So on to locks and locksport. I am absolutely addicted to this sport, to picking and to exploring other people's tactics, methods, styles and yes lock collections. I am amazed at the genuine kindness I witness and see like minded people bent upon keeping it real, being law-abiding, respectful and honest - and most of all HAVING FUN ! All it took was one windshield wiper and I was hooked.

I have a YouTube channel, which is also a newborn, with the same name. My intent here is to learn first and foremost. Also, I aim to prove the worth of my salt, pay my dues, earn my stripes, put proof in the pudding, represent, step up, ante up, keep it real, you know Earn Respect that comes with walking the walk along with talking the talk.

If there is something you want to know about me, ask me. I am a straight shooter. What you see is what you get. I don't play around, I don't beat around the bush and one never has to wonder where I stand on a particular thing when a discussion is had. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I tell the truth. Character matters to me. Honor matters to me. Honesty matters to me. Integrity means something to me. My desire to learn, my insatiable appetite for knowledge that I can turn into wisdom must be fed and it is forums like this where it can be nourished properly. Hopefully I am in the right place to accomplish bit of that feasting as well as, with any luck, I can teach a bit right along with learning.

Please know, I WILL forget that I am not in the USA while I am here. That is not a statement of intent, it is simple reality. I am a imperfect being, who will make mistakes. When that happens and it is pointed out to me, I will do my best to make honest amends for any untintentional overstep or slight. I am forward and blunt, and sometimes people can find that abrasive and untoward, even arrogant. To those perceptions I play a Kid Rock Song as my response. I really am just a guy who REALLY likes locks, lockpicking, Locksport, Learning, Teaching, Truth and individual Liberty. I hide none of it, instead embracing it all. I don't do Celebrity culture. I don't do popularity contests or bootlicking to kissing hind end. I Ain't Built That Way. I bully locks, not people. I stay locked in a position of freedom, unable to be picked or forced open. Oh and yes I really do have a tattoo of a very important part of Our Constitution on my back. Yes that YT picture really is real and it really is my back.

Anyway, I hope I have sufficed the first port of call and what this initial contact is meant to do. This along with my YouTube channel participation should do well to serve who I am and what I am about. I am a pretty open book, though I don't take kindly to being judge by my cover. When the book is so open, it only makes sense to read what exists on the pages that are open for all to see. No, I am not going to just write the security code form the back of my credit card in open forum, but within common sense reason I will be happy to answer just about any reasonable question a person has to ask me. Oh and one more thing, by the way as a gesture of good faith, in case ya missed it on YT, the name is Mike. I prefer though to be called RAS in the forum here and on YT. I do hope my participation is accepted in the vein it is injected - goodwill and fellowship in a community I see as worthwhile, beneficial and in keeping with my moral compass. I have never engaged a international community with a footprint outside my country, so I will contend that I have a newborn status if it is all the same to yall, while being a baby with the ability to carry on adult conversations about just about anything. I am a person who doesn't front, I don't pose and do not lie. Ever. About anything. Feel free to test that if you doubt it, otherwise, trust it with confidence because I won't burn ya. Homie don't play that either. Friendship is to be cherished and nurtured, not assaulted and battered with deceit and deception. What i something else Kid Rock says? Oh yeah, You Never Met...... Yeah, that fits. No doubt about it.

Let the Lockpick Begin ! I may not comment a whole lot while I try to learn some ropes in this neck of the woods. I may want to jump right in - doing a belly flop in the process- or maybe make a flushing silent dive into that water- heck maybe both. Prolly double trouble. I guess we will see now, eh? Thanks for giving me a chance, and I hope I measure up to someday be a respected and productive member of this thing called the locksport community.
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Cool intro. Let me be the first to welcome you on board.
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Hi and welcome.

Have a read of the rules and if you want slang you’ll find lots of British slang being used, also Australian and New Zealand too.

So sit a spell and have fun

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Mister RASorHarass wrote:
Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:42 am
Greetings from Australia. Made you an avatar.
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Good afternoon to you and welcome to the forum, if you did that all in one breathe, then deep sea diving should hold no fear. finding Davey Jones locker and picking its lock in one breathe is surly a task we would all be proud of.
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:s_hi: @Mister RASorHarass

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Welcome to the UK !
Please leave your weapons on the table and enjoy your stay !
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Hi :welc:

Have a read of the rules and a good look around. welc :06: welc

You've come to the right place for all things Locksport. :08:

Lots of friendly folk to help you along your journey. :88:

Ask loads of questions and post loads of pics. welc
You must always remember, it's the lock that chooses the pick, not you.
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Howdy RAS welc
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welc :s_hi:

Nice to meet you :) read the rules, check out some old threads and join in the fun!

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You'll find this place very friendly with lots of knowledge freely shared :)
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